2″ Single Impeller High Pressure Pump


Model: RT50YB50-3.8Q

Introducing the RATO RT50YB50-3.8Q high pressure pump to the JAK Max product range.

The RATO RT50YB50-3.8Q 7hp high pressure pump is perfect for all your pumping needs. It is ideal for irrigation, orchard water supplies, heavy duty cleaning, fire fighting and long distance, high pressure water supply. It features a rugged full frame for protection.

Covered by our 2 year/500 hour domestic warranty.




  • 7hp 4 stroke OHV engine

  • Delivers 500L/min

  • Transistorised ignition for reliable starting

  • Cast iron cylinder liner ensures consistent performance and durability

  • Rugged full frame protection

  • Higher pressure pump that displaces water like normal pumps but also has the ability to spray water with the correct attachments

Product Specifications

Bore x Stroke

70 x 55mm



Compression Ratio

9 : 1

Net Power

4.4kw / 3600rpm

Fuel Consumption


Net Torque

12N.m / 2500rpm

Pump Set

2" high lift pump

Suction Port Diameter

50mm (2")

Discharge Port Diameter

1 x 1.5" / 2 x 1"

Suction Head Lift


Total Head Lift


Discharge Capacity

30m3/h / 500 litres per minute

Dimensions (L x W x H mm)

500 x 395 x 446

Net Weight



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